Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Couldn't tuna just be tuna?

Readjusting to the food in America has been frustrating. Tonight is a perfect example. I bought tuna from a regular grocery store a few weeks back and tonight we decided to use a can of it. I wanted the Italian type that is a fillet in olive oil, but I couldn't find it, so I settled for Bumble Bee Chunk White Albacore. Afterall, it was on sale and we are trying to save a little money. I never thought to read the nutrition label.

Little did I know that tuna isn't just tuna here. Paul opened it tonight and found that it smelled like ammonia and it looked like mush. Then we noticed the ingredient list:

"Ingredients: white tuna, water. vegetable broth, salt, pyrophosphate added." And then in bold: "Contains tuna, soy." Well of course it should contain tuna, but soy????

It was nasty. Meanwhile, the can is loaded with health claims.

And there is this little blurb on the can too: "Bumble Bee has been committed to bringing premium seafood to America's tables since 1899. We are dedicated to the sustainability of ocean resources, eco-friendly manufacturing, and are proud to offer a full line of nutritious products and meal solutions."

Who cares who gave this the check for heart health, it takes terrible and is clearly highly processed. And I don't want a "meal solution." Lunch or dinner is not a problem. Couldn't it just be simple tuna of decent quality without a soy-containing vegetable broth? Bumble Bee, I wish you were committed to giving us good tasting tuna that hasn't been messed with.

I'm taking the remaining can back in protest.

I won't be buying simple things, especially things in cans, anymore without looking closely.

And I'm headed to the Italian market for some better tonno. And I really don't care if it costs $7. At least I know it will be good, and that's worth it to me.

Cheers to the memory of what tuna should be. Oh how I miss Italy.


  1. Oh Emiliana, I feel your pain. If you can stand the parking lot, trader Giotto's often has a nice tono in olivio that's delicioso.