Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cure for post-Italy blues

We are home-sick for Italy. At this point we are not really sure where our home is, but right now it still feels like Bologna and it's hard to not be there. Look for a post soon about what we are missing most about Bologna, and the differences between our life in Italy and our life in Los Angeles. But for now, I'd just like to share the best coping mechanism I have found so far: making fresh pasta. When I get sad, I've been getting out the rolling pin...

I actually never made fresh pasta while in Italy, which seems like a shame to me now that I have been practicing doing it and liking the results. But the kitchen we had there was limited, and there were lovely little shops selling fresh pasta on almost every street. The last (and only) time I made it was when I was working as a cook in Seattle in 2002. Coming back to our place in Los Angeles and finding our more spacious counter top and rolling pin, I was inspired. And I am finding that it really isn't hard at all, and not too time-consuming. Also, I have found that you don't need a machine to roll it out. The classic method is to do it by hand anyway. I am working on getting the noodles even thinner, and am excited to play around with ravioli and lasagna next. Let me know if you want to try it too and want recipes, or if you would like to come over, have some pasta, and help cheer us up!


  1. Dear Emily, your pasta seems so delicius!!! Good for you!!! I've done a lasagna with salsa alle noci, I have to give you the recipe, you'll love it!!! I always read your blog, is it because I miss you?!?!? Yes!!! I do miss you a lot!!!
    And I do your carrots with ginger every week!
    Italy misses you! You know that, do you?!
    un grande abbraccio!

  2. Ilaria!! I miss you so much too!! Thanks for keeping up on the blog. Wish I was there to have a tea break with you this morning. I would love to have your recipe for lasagna con salsa alle noci. Miss you and talk to you soon.
    Un bacione,

  3. The pasta looks great! I can relate to you - I miss Italy, too. What else are you doing to cope?

  4. Hey Emily!!! We are waiting for a new post!!! We want to see what are you doing in your kitchen! Ihihhh Ila

  5. @christie -- thanks for the comment. well, we also got an espresso machine, and that has helped. and we have been skyping with a few friends from italy. what have you been doing to cheer yourself up?

    @ilaria -- i miss you! you are right, it is time for a new post. thanks for encouraging me. now i have to think of what to write about...time for you to visit us in CA and we can write about that!!

  6. Hi Emily!

    Funny cause I have been making pasta here in Pennsylvania too! Last night I made whole wheat lasagna noodles and they were great! Last week we made some whole wheat egg noodles for chicken noodle soup. Pretty good stuff and super easy to make!